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 Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tours & Historic Haunting Productions present:


Paranormal Adventure Tours are a Hands-on Haunted Adventure lead by Famed Investigative Paranormal Historians (aka Ghost Hunter). Participants get to join the investigation which brings them up front and personal with the Haunted Side of Knoxville Tennessee which dates back to the Late 1700's. These Adventures share the hidden truths about Knoxville. Film Star and Master Teacher in the Field of Paranormal, J-Adam Smith, will bring you to his favorite sites and share his techniques for connecting with the spirits from the Past.

What separates our Adventures from others?

  • You get to be the Investigator! All participants have the opportunity to use Real Paranormal Investigation equipment.
  • Participants are put thru a "Ghost Hunting 101" instructed by Investigative Paranormal Historian/ Investigator J-Adam Smith . The particants are trained on how to substantiate and capture evidence. (VISIT HERE TO SEE FOR YOURSELF)
  • Participants receive a complimentary 1yr Subscription to Paranormal Underground Magazine (PDF Subscription)
  • Participants receive Souvenir Lanyard (Autographs are complimentary as well)

Join the Market District Tour that put Knoxville on the Paranormal Map. This tour visits multiple ground zero locations including: where a famous 3 way homicide took place, where the dead were prepared, where the Children’s spirits are at play, and where a notorious fire occurred which claimed many. (Be Daring, bring a child’s toy from the early 1800’s.)

SPECIAL HISTORY ~ Learn about Knoxville’s Spanish Flu. (upon request only)

The Spirits lingering around, could be connected to the 1919 epidemic. (This information will be available upon request)

About Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tours

Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tours is America’s Leading Historical, Investigations Based Ghost Tour. We pride ourselves with offering the community and tourists alike, a True, researched, and Educational Experience with a Dash of Chills.

We were founded in the winter of 2010 and our tours are based on information that our “Founder and Visionary”, J-Adam Smith, discovered while researching the Beautiful City of Knoxville. He found that there were many intriguing stories that have been lost from the public eye. A rich past that should not be forgotten.

J-Adam Smith felt that Knoxville needed a unique Ghost Tour. He recognized that there was rich history and a lack of historical Walking Tours in the City of Knoxville and felt the city was long overdue for one of the BEST walking tours in the Country. Some of the Key points of interest on Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tours is the Fact that our Clients are going on an “Investigation” with trained paranormal investigators, to real Factual “Ground Zero’s” (Researched location of traumatic happenings) , and participants are given Tools used by REAL paranormal investigators (as seen on TV).



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