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Knoxville Officially Put on the Paranormal Map

Knoxville Tennessee, known for its beautiful views of the smoky mountains, urban wilderness, and its football fans, the Scruffy City has now been recognized for other attribute, its ghosts.  (Yes, you read that correctly.)  Thanks to the ground-breaking work of famed paranormal investigator and historian J-Adam Smith.  Knoxville just got even more fascinating. This ground-breaking work has led to the recognition of Knoxville for not only as a historical gem but also as gem in the crown of paranormal America.  J-Adam spent approximately five years researching and exploring this hidden gem and has compiled a quite a long list of “Ground Zeros”, each of which consistently tested positive for historical relevance as well as paranormal occurrences. This got the attention of acclaimed paranormal magazine, TAPS Paramagazine, and led to the release of this amazing article linked in below. "GHOST HUNTERS" MAGAZINE" ~ TAPS PARAMAGAZINE VOL XI ISSUE 4