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Ireland Travel Map ~ January 2020

Historic Haunting Productions are excited to share the Travel Map for Ireland!  "The Paranormal Historian", J-Adam Smith will be traveling throughout the emerald isle from Jan 7th, 2020 thru the 18th.  He will be focusing on preparing the Pilot episode for the Reboot of his popular webisode from 2015.  If you live in Ireland and are near his Route, you may just run into him. We encourage Landmarks and/or facilities that have a interesting history to reach out to us, we would love to fit you in...

Featured: The Paranormal Sensation TV Show (Spring 2020) ~ Sneak Preview

Historic  Haunting Productions:  Announcing our 2020 World Tour! The Paranormal Sensation featuring J-Adam Smith is a New Series planned to be released Spring 2020. The show focuses on unknown and mysterious historic landmarks throughout the Globe. Follow rookie world traveler J-Adam Smith as he discovers what is like to travel around the World. Maybe even get into a little trouble along the way. This show will definitely worth a watch. Historic Haunting Productions brings Paranormal Adventurers Worldwide face-to-face with History and a once in a lifetime experience of Investigation with Famed Paranormal Historians. Each very unique Investigation is often remote featuring international landmarks and is connected to a cutting edge Web Series Hosted by a TV personality documenting Experiences of Guests and Evidence Captured!