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Knoxville Officially Put on the Paranormal Map

Knoxville Tennessee, known for its beautiful views of the smoky mountains, urban wilderness, and its football fans, the Scruffy City has now been recognized for other attribute, its ghosts.  (Yes, you read that correctly.)  Thanks to the ground-breaking work of famed paranormal investigator and historian J-Adam Smith.  Knoxville just got even more fascinating. This ground-breaking work has led to the recognition of Knoxville for not only as a historical gem but also as gem in the crown of paranormal America.  J-Adam spent approximately five years researching and exploring this hidden gem and has compiled a quite a long list of “Ground Zeros”, each of which consistently tested positive for historical relevance as well as paranormal occurrences. This got the attention of acclaimed paranormal magazine, TAPS Paramagazine, and led to the release of this amazing article linked in below. "GHOST HUNTERS" MAGAZINE" ~ TAPS PARAMAGAZINE VOL XI ISSUE 4

Historic Hauntings: A Paranormal Study of Ramsey House Fundraiser Event

"Historic Hauntings: A Paranormal Study of Ramsey House" Release Event was a Huge Success. Participants had an opportunity to see the Film, participate in Q/A session with Cast & Producer, & went on a Ghost Hunt inside Ramsey House. How haunted in Ramsey House? Well, ask the participants of the event... They will be happy to share their experiences. Special Thanks to Ramsey House , Mapletree Production, and Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tours for making this event a success!

Press Release: Fundraiser planned at Ramsey House Plantation

Historic Haunting: A Paranormal Study of Ramsey House On Saturday February 28th , 2015,  historic Ramsey House at 2614 Thorn Grove Pike in Knoxville will be introducing to the public, for the first time, the results of the paranormal investigation by Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tour’s J-Adam Smith and captured on video by Patrick Watson of Mapletree Productions.  I n this award winning presentation you will see the long awaited results that may put to rest all the speculation as to whether Historic Ramsey House is haunted. “For years,” said Director Judy LaRose, “there have been reports of spiritual or ghostly sightings by passer-bys, neighbors, visitors and even some of our own board members and staff. We felt it was time to put the rumors to rest by having a Paranormal Investigation.”   T he half hour video documents the investigation along with the history of the home and family.  There will then be a half hour tour led by J Adam Smith discussing the details of