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Greetings from Quin

Hey guys!  Check out J's latest update! 

More fun in Kinlough

Hey guys!   So J said today was awesome despite the weather.   (Ireland was hit with a massive storm!) He got 4 hours of filming done for the series including the local “Water Hound” legend.   Best of all, he has made some local friends and even got to do an investigation at a local ruin that has never before investigated.   He said that they got EMF activity in the archaic site, flashlight activity, and even a possible EVP! To make things even more special, he was invited to play his violin at the local pub. (For those of you who may not know this already, J is an AMAZING violinist!)   From what he told me, today is a day that he will not soon forget.   He said that he now has family in Kinlough.  

Arrived in Kinlough!

Hey Guys!  So I've got another update you all.  Yesterday, J got to see Dunluce Castle which he said was pretty amazing!  Today he traveled to Kinlough and got to see the Carrick-a-rede bridge on the way.  The Carrick-a-rede rope bridge is near Giants causeway (which he actually didn't get to see.  Oops my bad guys.) Unfortunately due to a rock slide and geological survey on the island, the rope bridge was closed but I am happy to report he got some amazing footage for the upcoming series.  When he arrived in Kinlough, he got to shoot the breeze with some locals and have a Guinness.  Tomorrow he will be speaking with a 79 year old local man about some of the legends associated with the area.  As you guys can imagine, this is right up our alley.  We don't want the same old stories and famous legends that everyone knows about.  We want the less heard legends only familiar to the locals, so this is an amazing opportunity to get outside of standard knowledge. One such story tha

Next stop, Coleraine

Hey guys!  I spoke with J today and he arrived safely in Coleraine.  It's been a chaotic day but he did an excellent job at getting to where he was headed despite not having working GPS for much of the day.  I think the word of advice for today would be that if you are traveling abroad, be sure that whatever cell phone company you choose works on a international level. Even if that company name exists in other countries, the companies may not be linked and it could cause you some difficulty.  On a lighter note, J will visiting to the famous Giant's Causeway tomorrow and we look forward to giving you more information as it comes! I think J would agree with me that this has truly been an adventure thus far with its ups and downs and we are super excited that we have the opportunity to essentially take you guys along with us on this journey.   Keep an eye on this blog, I will be sure to update y'all as soon as I have more details.

Travel advice and good news!

Hey guys!    So I spoke with J today and he has definitely had a lot going on.   As you guys already know, this has been an interesting opportunity for our organization as J is working with sites in Ireland as well as navigating through international travel trials.   W ith all of the challenges that J has faced since he arrived, he  has determined a title for the new show, we have decided that it will be something along the lines of “Without a clue.”  since he has learned lots of travel tips during his experience. (S uch as how to dial international phone calls.)  J did offer this piece of advice for today.  When traveling, stop and take a breath. Its extremely easy to get overwhelmed and anxious while traveling.   A lthough it is often a common thought to just grin and bare it, just stop and breathe.   It  helps.     It helps to better evaluate the situation, including the positives that are often overlooked.     Remember to be rational, to calm your anxiety down, pull what pieces you

Day 2, Malahide Castle and More!

Hey guys, it’s Taylor.   Just wanted to keep everybody in the loop. I spoke with J today and he is doing well in Dublin. He’s staying busy. He wasn’t able to disclose too much as of just yet but he did get to do some filming at a local museum about the revolution so stay tuned about that is that develops more.   Also, we are super excited to announce that J got to not only film in Malahide castle but also got to investigate!    He said it was incredible and that they got some really good evidence and that he’s super excited about the possibilities that this could open up in the future with this castle. As far as the web series goes, he seems to feel that we are going to have more than enough for a pilot. And possibly enough for a series in itself for just Ireland.   As for traveling on a budget, J seems to be rocking the frugality aspect of travel. And I hope to get you more tips about how he is managing abroad. Be sure to watch his personal video log. I have it attached here

We have arrived!! Day 1 in Dublin

Hey guys!   This is Taylor Smith the research assistant here at historic haunting productions.   I am super honored to have the opportunity to relay information to you guys about our involvement in Ireland.   I spoke with J Adam Smith who arrived safely in Dublin today and asked him about his experience so far.   He had a great flight but learned some valuable lessons already.   For starters, beware of foreign currency exchange places in airports!   Be sure to shop around.    You may find that they are ripping you off.   The next piece of wisdom passed along is, for the love of all that’s holy, beware of renting a car in Ireland!    Apparently Ireland has some ridiculous rental car policy’s that are not explained very well and it could end up costing you an arm and a leg.  Also, if you're considering traveling abroad on a budget look into B&Bs.  They are much cheaper than hotels and often offer the same or similar comforts of home.   Now, as you guys already know, J A