Day 2, Malahide Castle and More!

Hey guys, it’s Taylor.  Just wanted to keep everybody in the loop. I spoke with J today and he is doing well in Dublin. He’s staying busy. He wasn’t able to disclose too much as of just yet but he did get to do some filming at a local museum about the revolution so stay tuned about that is that develops more.  Also, we are super excited to announce that J got to not only film in Malahide castle but also got to investigate!  He said it was incredible and that they got some really good evidence and that he’s super excited about the possibilities that this could open up in the future with this castle. As far as the web series goes, he seems to feel that we are going to have more than enough for a pilot. And possibly enough for a series in itself for just Ireland.  As for traveling on a budget, J seems to be rocking the frugality aspect of travel. And I hope to get you more tips about how he is managing abroad. Be sure to watch his personal video log. I have it attached here to this blog for today


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