Next stop, Coleraine

Hey guys!  I spoke with J today and he arrived safely in Coleraine.  It's been a chaotic day but he did an excellent job at getting to where he was headed despite not having working GPS for much of the day.  I think the word of advice for today would be that if you are traveling abroad, be sure that whatever cell phone company you choose works on a international level. Even if that company name exists in other countries, the companies may not be linked and it could cause you some difficulty.  On a lighter note, J will visiting to the famous Giant's Causeway tomorrow and we look forward to giving you more information as it comes! I think J would agree with me that this has truly been an adventure thus far with its ups and downs and we are super excited that we have the opportunity to essentially take you guys along with us on this journey.   Keep an eye on this blog, I will be sure to update y'all as soon as I have more details.


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