Historic Haunting Productions brings Paranormal Adventurers Worldwide face-to-face with History and a once in a lifetime experience of Investigation with Famed Paranormal Historians. Each very unique Investigation is often remote featuring international landmarks and is connected to a cutting edge Web Series Hosted by a TV personality documenting Experiences of Guests and Evidence Captured!

Proudly Winners of a Bronze Telly Award for our Documentary, Historic Haunting: A Paranormal Study of Ramsey House. (2015)


Christopher Shultz

Director of Talent Management

Chris is a vital addition to the Historic Haunting Production team.  He was the Owner/Host of Nationally recognized  Paraspeak Radio running for 3 years ranked just under coast-to-coast AM.  He has a plethora of knowledge in Investigations and has been investigating for over 12 years, with numerous appearing on Fox, ABC, and CBS.  He has investigated and lectured in 30 States.

Taylor Smith

Research Assistant

Taylor has a love of the outdoors and exploring unknown locations.  She has been investigating the paranormal for a few years now and assists Historic Haunting Productions on background information about site locations and angles.

Akash Anwar

Akash is our video editor, animator, and motion graphics expert with over 3+ years of experience in the industry.  He also has had experience as a social media manager for some known Australian and American brands.  He has a great interest in discovering the unknown as well as spirits and the attached history. 

Jason Clowers

Technical Specialist

Jason is the owner/equipment developer for his paranormal investigation equipment company, Clowers ITC, partnered with Historic Haunting Productions.  He currently has 30 years of experience as an investigator and as a paranormal engineer.  He has a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering specializing in electronics.  He also holds and Associate's degree in computer technology.

J-Adam Smith

Producer / Film Personality & Host

J-Adam is the Founder of Historic Haunting Productions and is a famed paranormal Historian, Tour Director (Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tours) and Film Star.  He has over a decade of experience with event management and film productions and is highly regarded within the field of paranormal investigations.  Some of his highest accolades has been his involvement with History Channel, PBS, and Tennesse Valley Uncharted TV show.  He is a content contributor to Paranormal Underground Magazine and has been featured in countless books such as Ghostly Places in Tennessee .


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