Travel advice and good news!

Hey guys!  So I spoke with J today and he has definitely had a lot going on.   As you guys already know, this has been an interesting opportunity for our organization as J is working with sites in Ireland as well as navigating through international travel trials.   With all of the challenges that J has faced since he arrived, he has determined a title for the new show, we have decided that it will be something along the lines of “Without a clue.”  since he has learned lots of travel tips during his experience. (Such as how to dial international phone calls.)  J did offer this piece of advice for today. When traveling, stop and take a breath. Its extremely easy to get overwhelmed and anxious while traveling.  Although it is often a common thought to just grin and bare it, just stop and breathe.  It helps.   It helps to better evaluate the situation, including the positives that are often overlooked.   Remember to be rational, to calm your anxiety down, pull what pieces you have together.  If you just leave things in a state of uncertainty, the feelings have no where to go and they remained unresolved. On a different note, we have heard back that J is going to be visiting King John's Castle and will be dressed up at some point in Medieval garb. I'm not even gonna lie, I'm a little jealous.  Check out J’s video for more travel tips and to here more about his experience today!


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