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J-Adam Smith To Be Featured in Tennessee Valley Uncharted TV Show

Hey Paranormal Enthusiasts (especially those located in or near the Tennessee Valley), we have great news! J-Adam Smith was asked to be featured in the new TV show “Tennessee Valley Uncharted.”  Regardless of whether you live in the Tennessee Valley area, I hope you have all heard of this new TV show and if not you should definitely look into it because it’s awesome.  (And not for the reason you are probably thinking! Lol) In my humble opinion from what I’ve heard, think of this show like Expedition Unknown but Tennessee Valley style! The episode featuring J-Adam is set to be released in early Spring 2019 so be sure to keep a look out. And in the meantime, seriously, look into this show its fabulous!  We will also be sure to link the episode into this blog as soon as it becomes available.

J-Adam Smith to be in Film "Inducted" 2019- UPDATE!!

J-Adam Smith to be in Movie "Inducted" (2019) J-Adam Smith has been asked to play the Historical Director in "Inducted" Movie set to Release in 2019.  Pre-production has already started.  The Movie is a Docu-Drama sharing the truth behind the first U.F.O. encounter to be inducted into United States History as true and historically significant. More Info ****Update: The release of the movie has been delayed.  The exact date for the release of movie has been changed to "To Be Determined." We will inform you as soon as more information is available.