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The Girl Scouts Do What!?

Hello Paranormal Fans, so today’s blog is about something you may not be familiar with.   Ready? Drum roll please…. the Girl Scouts, yes you read that correctly. We all know that the Girls Scouts do more than sell cookies, but did you know that there is a Girls scout program that allows girls to get a ghost hunting patch? Did this just blow you mind?? Because it totally blew mine!   Talk about a new take to telling ghost stories around the campfire!   The Girl Scouts of the Southern Appalachians and Haunted Knoxville Ghost tours are partners for a unique ghost hunting patch program. From our research, this is only program like it in the US! The girls get to work with our very own, J-Adam Smith to learn how to investigate the paranormal from a non-fear based standpoint.   While investigating the girls are taught utilize history, science, and most of all teamwork.   At the conclusion of the night when the girls have demonstrated use of all these factors, they are awarded their

J-Adam Smith to Speak at Mildred Haun Conference

Hey everyone, we here at Historic Haunting Productions have exciting news!   Our very own J-Adam Smith has been invited to speak at the Mildred Haun Conference on March 7th in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. So, if you are in or are planning to travel to the area soon, you should definitely check it out! The author/editor of Ghostly Places in Tennessee, Kevin Slimp, and J Adam Smith with Historic Haunting Productions will be sharing Ghostly Tales of the surrounding region.   It is sure to be a blast!   Also, keep an eye on this blog.   As soon as we can, will post a video from the lecture.

Work of J-Adam Smith to Featured in "Ghostly Places of Tennessee" Book

Hey Paranormal People, we have exciting news! Our founder J-Adam Smith aka “The Paranormal Historian” has been asked to be a content contributor for a new “Ghostly Places in Tennessee” book. J-Adam said that he is very excited to be featured in Ghostly Places and to bring attention to some of Knoxville’s undisclosed and truly haunted ground zeros.   This book is being edited by Kevin Slimp and published by Market Square Publishing Company and is set to be available for sale through local book sellers and even   Be sure to keep an eye out for this amazing book that is set to be released in mid October!